OllekLine Painting uses Sherwin Williams acetone-based traffic paints in all of our applications. Waterborne paints will be used upon request or in compliance with local or provincial regulations.

Before we begin a pavement painting or line striping project, we prepare the area, provided that all major debris and obstructions (ex. abandoned vehicles) be removed before work begins. We want your project to be efficient, productive, and cost-effective and will work with you from start to finish to ensure that happens.

Yes, Ollek Line Painting is fully-insured. Insurance certificate available upon request.

Traffic, weather, chemicals, and normal wear and tear can fade and deteriorate your parking lot or pavement over time. Striping your lot on a regular basis will keep your parking lot looking fresh, sharp, and clean. It also ensures your lot is safer for drivers and pedestrians alike. Contact us today to discuss your re-striping project.

There will be no disruption. Ollek Line Painting doesn’t just show up and stripe. We work and plan the project before starting so that any disruptions will not stop your business from functioning. Planning is the first stage. Our schedule is designed to work for you